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For any visitor to Bangkok in search of cultural experience and a sense of history, 1905 Heritage Corner is ideally located. So many of Bangkok's greatest places can be easily reached by foot!! You can include several of them in one walk-around route. Armed with our locality map and some advice from our staff, you will have little need to hassle with taxis, tuk-tuks or tourism sharks. 

Even within a few steps of 1905 Heritage Corner, there’s much to see. Our community is active from early morning to dusk with many businesses in Phraeng Phuthon square and connecting streets. Also nearby are the headquarters of the Ministries of Interior, Defence and Justice and several Buddhist temples (Wat). 

A fresh-food market takes place every morning, hidden down some alleys just 2 minutes’ walk away and, a little further on, the shop of organic herbal & spa cosmetics and remedies. Small family restaurants abound as well as Thailand’s famous street-food vendors.

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