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Did you know? Door knobs through history.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Many guests who come to stay at 1905 Heritage Corner suspect about how the door opens?

When you enter the room, you will notice the brass doorknob we imported from England, it has a classic and luxury style with a double lock for safety.

Moreover, all the sanitary ware in the bathroom we import from England as well.


👉 We recommend how to open - close and lock the door.

First, pull the left doorknob towards you, turn the right doorknob 45 degrees and push the door into the room. After entering the room, close the door on the right-hand side and then close it on the left side. Once the door is completely closed, turn the doorknob to the right 1-2 times to lock the room and twist the left 2 times to unlock. Then pull the door on the left-hand side to open the door out of the room.


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